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TB & Chest

TB & Chest department is a very important for all the undergraduates and it is one of the fastest growing specialties in last few decades because of the newer challenges like MDR- (T.B) & X-DR-(T.B).). It is integral part of Medicine, Teaching & Training of MBBS Students.. It is not only limited to tuberculosis & now so many other diseases like ILD, COPD with Respiratory - Critical cases are included in the Department. Several data & research work are undertaken in the Department of TB & Chest.



Data collection & research are going on these fields :

  1. Pattern of Tuberculosis, its treatment & side effects of Antitubercular therapy.
  2. Burden of MDR at Tertiary - care center & its treatment.
  3. 3. Role of regular PFR (Peak Flow Rate) in OAD (Obstructive airway disease) & its effect on treatment adherence.
  4. Spirometry in OAD.
  5. Allergy testing at Tertiary - care center to study pattern of allergens.
  6. Desensitization with immunotherapy in allergy cases & its role to reduce symptoms.
  7. Aspergillus skin test in OAD & prevalence of aspegillus positivity.
  8. Prevalence of Eosinophelia in tertiary setting & response to treatment.


  1. OPD
  2. IPD (Ward) Male & Female/ Tub. and Non Tub.
  3. RICU (Respiratory ICU)
  4. Spirometry & DLCO (Diffusion Study)
  5. Bronchoscopy
  6. Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy
  7. Deaddiction Clinic for Tobacco & Smoking
  8. Sleep Study (Polysomnography)
  9. Museum
  10. Departmental Library
  11. DOTS Center & Sputum Microscopy Lab


  • Occupational Lung Disease
  • Running Respiratory Rehebilitation